A Family Business

Orion Homes is a family business started by two brothers, Jim and Noel Clifford. They are passionate about building quality new homes for Victorian families and committed to helping you achieve your dream home.

Company History

The genesis of Orion Homes began over 20 years ago in 1991 when Jim and Diane Clifford started their building company, Clifford Constructions, in Werribee. Our bread and butter back then was renovations and extensions for growing families in the west.

As the company grew, the natural progression was to branch out into new home construction. In 2006, Jim Clifford became a founding member of the East West Homes group. Servicing the west of Melbourne, as well as regional centres, Geelong and Ballarat, we have built homes for hundreds of satisfied customers.

The establishment of Orion Homes brings the focus firmly back to the west.
Jim: “We are the same company, with the same core group of people and the same dedication to our customers. We have a whole new set of exciting, sustainable designs and facades.”

In addition, Orion Homes is dedicated to providing quality homes for the Retirement Industry across Victoria. We apply the same attention to detail, design and quality of construction to building retirement villas as we do to all our projects.

With over 20 years experience in the building industry, the Orion Homes team of dedicated staff is working hard to make your building experience a happy one.

Our People

Jim Clifford – Director / Sales & Design, Orion Homes

Jim has over 20 years experience in residential and commercial construction and a deep knowledge of the industry. Jim works with the sales and design teams and his passion for sustainable design means that many of our homes are rated up to 8-star. When a client’s ideas are successfully incorporated into their design to achieve their dream home, Jim couldn’t be happier.

Jim believes in the importance of building good relationships with all of our customers and suppliers, and this is reflected in the culture of the company and staff, from sales through to construction. We have many clients who have built more than once with us.

Noel Clifford – Director / Construction Manager, Orion Homes

Noel’s passion for home construction originated from his enjoyment and sense of accomplishment after undertaking his own home renovations. He has transformed this enjoyment into a career path and joined the family business 12 years ago.

Noel shares the company vision of constructing high quality sustainable homes. His rule of thumb when determining the quality of a job is, “Would I accept this in my home”.

Building a home is only part of the equation. Developing good relations with all our customers, contractors and suppliers helps engender a sense of being part of a team and ultimately contributes to a quality outcome.

Noel feels a sense of pleasure and accomplishment when a customer’s home is successfully completed to their satisfaction.

Sales Team

Our sales team brings a wealth of knowledge about finance, design, products and construction. Years of experience within the industry and contacts with all the major land developers will make getting your project started as easy as visiting one of our display homes.

Administration & Construction Team

Many people find the building experience a daunting process. At Orion Homes we have put substantial resources into minimizing this. There are no phone menus when you contact our office just friendly staff ready to answer your calls in a timely manner. We love communication at Orion Homes.

We communicate with you throughout the build process. You will have a dedicated supervisor looking after your project.

Your supervisor will call or email you regularly during the course of construction and can arrange for you to have a look through your home at any stage.

Our ancillary staff in Estimation and Accounts contribute to the smooth running of the company behind the scenes.